Ontario Health Care Standards Development Committee: Initial Recommendations Report (linked). Please share!

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In early May, the Government of Ontario’s Health Care Standards Development Committee released its Initial Recommendations Report. That report outlines the recommendations that the Health Care Standards Development Committee wants to offer to Ontarian health-care providers and hospital settings, going forward, in terms of accessible health-care for people with disabilities. According to the committee:

The recommendations focus across seven broad themes and address a range of areas, including:

  1. initial proposed long-term objective
  2. accessibility accommodations in hospitals (10 recommendations)
  3. education and training (four recommendations)
  4. patient relations and complaints (three recommendations)
  5. enforcement of accessibility requirements (three recommendations)
  6. awareness and outreach (one recommendation)
  7. accessibility in emergency or pandemic situations (one recommendation)

Here, you can find the link to the committee’s survey in terms of those recommendations. The survey is open until August 11th! I’ve filled out the survey, and would highly recommend it to Ontarians with disabilities. Please do let the government know your thoughts and feelings about accessible health-care!



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